Photo Journal: Soaring above Victoria Falls

I’ve got big plans to take D to see the great wildebeest migration. Yes, the very same for which this blog is named! But we decided to put that trip off until a little later so we could trip-bomb one of my very best friends and her hubby in Victoria Falls. We figure our friends and family will so rarely make it to this continent; we have to find ways to see the ones who do. Besides, I had wanted to see Victoria Falls for a very long time, and this was such a great reason to go! (more…)

10 Years of Co-Dependence


Happy 4th! I hope you all get to enjoy some beautiful fireworks, American microbrews, delicious grilled fare, and maybe even a s’more or two! I just love this time of year. Summer has always been my favorite season, which is lucky because in Uganda it’s practically summer all year round. It makes me happy to think about how this time of year everyone back home is also getting to wear flip flops on a daily basis.

Adding to the charm of July this year, D and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary! (more…)

Photo Journal: Sea Turtle Release for World Turtle Day

dsc_0464D and I are now settling back into life in Uganda, but I’m still looking back on how much fun our recent vacation was. I’m really missing our friends and family. And, unsurprisingly, I really miss that addictive, salty Hawaiian air. So I thought I would dive back into my pictures and share with you some more Oahu favorites.

Among the top of the list was a sea turtle release that we lucked into. (more…)

Photo Journal: Hiking Koko Head


Aloha! D and I just spent a spectacular few days in Hawaii. Some highlights included a front and center seat to a sea turtle release, sport climbing over the ocean on Makapu’u cliff, snorkeling with the tropical fishies in Huanama Bay, and hanging out with a critically endangered monk seal that came ashore and parked himself right next to our beach towel! Oahu is such a gorgeous place with a very contagious feel-good vibe. Maybe it’s just me, but the colors just seem brighter there. We’re both coming away from the trip thinking we could totally live in Hawaii someday.

A long time ago my brother took me hiking up Oahu’s Koko Crater, and I’ve been dying since to come back with D to hike it with him.


Easy Yoga Mat Bag Sewing Project

You may have heard that I’ve been spending a ton of time in the swamp as of late. I’ll share more on what the heck I’m doing waist deep in the papyrus wetlands of central Uganda, but before that I wanted share an easy DIY for a yoga bag that I think turned out smashing! The swamp work is really mentally and physically intense, and I’m finding that once I’m back in Kampala, I’m in urgent need of decompressing. That usually involves a hot shower + mud mask and some random project to occupy my hands and brain. One such projectthis yoga bag that I am now thoroughly in love with.