Photo Journal: Where the White Nile falls

Our stuff arrived this week! Woohoo! For days our house has been a sea of cardboard and packing paper. I’m actually pretty impressed at how quickly we’ve been able to clear away the boxes. Getting everything unpacked and set up will consume me for the coming weeks, which makes me that much happier that we were able to make it up north to Murchison Falls National Park this past weekend. There you can see the Nile River force its way through a 7 meter waterfall choke point before mellowing out and curving northward. The delta plains host some unique vegetation and fantastic wildlife. The trip didn’t disappoint!



5 Therapies for Taming Chaos: Uganda Edition


Adjusting to life in a new culture and locale can take forever and sometimes is so emotionally draining. I remember days in Brazzaville when I would come home bawling, because I couldn’t understand why I was being laughed at or yelled at or otherwise reminded of how much I didn’t fit in. I admit that I didn’t prepare myself practically at all for our Kampala move. I let myself get way too caught up on what I was leaving and definitely did not appreciate the new adventure that was about to unfold. It’s been a bit rocky so far.  But I guess I’m an old hack at these kinds of monstrous moves by now, and I definitely had a few tricks up my sleeve to help ground myself during life’s latest tumult. (more…)

Photo Journal: Queen Elizabeth National Park

For Columbus Day weekend, the O’Schulzes and some friends decided to take a very much needed trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park. I really needed to get out of the city and this trip was exactly what I needed. It was our first time travelling in-country since we moved to Uganda. And the trip was so amazing that I’m a bit worried that future trips won’t live up to it! 


Kampala Life, First Impressions

Even though D and I moved to Uganda a little over a month ago, it’s been difficult to write about it for a few reasons. One, my own country has been facing so many tragedies that have been really hard to stomach. Being from Las Vegas, this most recent mass-shooting has hit particularly hard. It’s hard to write about things that feel trivial in light of all that. And two, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about living here. If we were just visiting, I know I would absolutely love this place. But moving is different. (more…)