Travel orders, check; Checklist, check.

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Happy Spring everyone! Yesterday was just gorgeous. In DC everything is already in full bloom thanks to some very warm days a few weeks ago. We are enjoying the last of the spring cherry blossoms. The bright pink buds on this Judas tree have me especially enraptured.

Can you believe it? Our travel orders for Uganda are in hand! Even though our post arrival still feels a long way off, we actually have a ton of stuff that already we need to start doing to prep for the move (gulp).


What is this new America?

As far as we know, D and I will still be leaving DC in a few short months for our next assignment, and I feel less and less safe with every passing day. Maybe even worse, I don’t feel the glowing pride I once had for my country. How will I be received as an American overseas? What do I say to the taxi driver who asks me why did America ban Muslims or why did America ban refugees? My husband and I are representatives of the United States. Will we now be targets of new anti-American sentiment? (more…)

Get comfy with Pretentious Mulled Apple Cider

This is one of my most favorite drinks for the holidays! It’s warm, spiced, and has the right amount of pretentiousness to give it that je ne sais quoi.

My recipe is based on the Barefoot Contessa’s regular/boring Hot Mulled Apple Cider recipe. To spike it, BC uses rum, but I like to use my mom’s traditional holiday go-to, Tuaca.

To make PRETENTIOUS Mulled Cider, you have to work with some really stuffy ingredients.


Remind me what I vote for, again.

wp-1479746792406.jpgI have this great t-shirt that I love to wear in the summertime that says, “Gnome for the Holidays.” It’s stupid, but I always get a kick out of it. Oh, if only I could actually be a gnome for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be great this holiday season to be an unresponsive, little hunk of hominoid plastic? I wouldn’t have to discuss politics, which for me has become so emotionally charged that I have cried nearly every day since the election. Do Americans have any