Photo Journal: Hiking Mount Sabyinyo, Vertically Rad

D and I have been on the road so much as of late. I’ve been thigh deep in papyrus wetlands in central Uganda, and D has been traipsing all over the African continent. In between it all, we’re trying to be resourceful and sneak in some adventures with our friends and each other along the way.

I intercepted D at the tail end of one of his trips to spend a few days relaxing at Birdnest @ Bunyoni Resort on Lake Bunyoni, a gorgeous (schisto-free!) finger lake near the western Uganda border. We had a blast at the lake, saw otters, went swimming, and enjoyed cocktails and crayfish soup. Before too long, though, D and I generally start itching for adventure, so we readily agreed to devote one of our vacay-days to hiking Mount Sabyinyo with our friend Phil.  (more…)


Burpees Challenge Week 4

This is the last week of the Month of Strong Burpees Challenge! This week will be the hardest but, I hope, the most satisfying.


There’s nothing like a little puppy mascot to help cheer us on and remind us again that strong comes in all shapes. She’s also getting stronger by the day, tackling stairs, romping in the yard, and playing lots of tug. She won’t let a damaged foot get her down.

I myself am in poor form after coming back from vacation with a mild stomach bug. (Rest assured, I didn’t miss a single day of burpees.) The trip was wonderful. I can’t wait to share with you the once-in-a-lifetime hike we did and the unwelcome adventure that followed it. Look out for that soon!

And here they are, week 4 burpees:


Burpees Challenge Week 3

This week is a little bittersweet for me. The rescue puppies have been growing stronger by the day and are old enough to rehome. Almost all of them were adopted and are going to some great families! D and I were wise to keep our good-byes short, lest we suffer a lapse in judgement and decide to keep them all.


Feist’s new mom is so happy to have her!

We just have one sweet little girl left. She’s the smallest and will always have a limp, but she’s the bravest of all of them! She needs a really great home where she can be spoiled a bit, so I’m letting myself be picky about who takes her. I’m glad that means that she gets to stick around a little while longer.

So, how are those burpees coming? Half way done! (If you missed the start but still want to do the challenge, just go back to my Week 1 post and start at day 1.) Since I’m a novice at burpees, I really didn’t know what to expect from this challenge. Yes, week 2 was hard, but I’m really shocked at how much stronger I feel! I went out climbing at the end of week 2 and had some of the best climbs I had ever done. Thanks, burpees! I’m also noticing that I’m standing up a little straighter which is always a welcome bonus. No six-pack yet though.

Here’s what week 3 burpees look like…


Burpees Challenge Week 2

If you made it to end of week 1, give yourself a high five! Most people won’t have even made it past the second day! If you missed the start but still want to do the challenge, just go back to my Week 1 post and start at day 1. You can shuffle around the rest day so that it works with your schedule.

I thought the hardest part of week 1 was building up endurance as we ratcheted down the rest time for each day. Now that we’ve built up that endurance, it’s time to build strength in our back, arms and legs. Week 2 will be a little tougher. We’re going to do some new burpees that are a little more challenging, and we’re going to bump up our reps from 10 to 15.